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Our cloud-based shop floor solution has been designed to enable operators to swiftly start work without any particular training.

Shop floor is straightforward and self-explanatory. All records are role-based and made in real time. An advanced competence matrix has been built in, which means that an operator must possess the right competence to be assigned a task.

Recording time spent

Shop floor has been designed to enable operators to work in real time and have access to all the information they require.

The solution has full control over recorded time spent on each operation. The operator clocks on to the assigned operation by pressing Start. The operation can be paused when moving on to another task or taking a lunch break. The operator clocks on for a new operation is automatically clocked off the previous one.

The operator can also carry out several operations, in which case the time is automatically distributed between the various operations. If you need to have several production orders on the same machine, we can also solve that.

Time spent can be recorded via a terminal on the production premises or a tablet, if required. The hours are approved before being transferred to cost accounting. Our solution provides an excellent and simple overview of what you, i.e. the operator has worked on and the hours spent.

Inventory withdrawal

Inventory withdrawals can be managed via a tablet. The operator will obtain an overview of the raw materials required for the operation. If multiple operations will be conducted at the same time, raw materials can be withdrawn for all the operations. These will then be distributed between the various operations the operator has performed. The consumed commodities will be transferred to cost accounting.

Should anything go wrong during production, we will resolve the recording of rejects. You can also define your own reject and deviation codes.


The solution provides a good overview of all the documentation the operator needs, for example, certificates, test reports, floor plans/drawings, etc. It also provides an overview of instructions for each operation and the operators can add comments for each other. For example, the machining operator can add comments for the next operator or QA, which could be an operation in a later stage of the process. The system handles many types of documents.


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