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Requirement planning

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Our solution provides you with a complete overview of the required raw materials, intermediate products and resources.

In addition, you can also see the raw materials and intermediate products that are needed for production, which you can then purchase.

Calculating what you need

Requirements are calculated according to the self-defined period. Requirements can be calculated based on an order, production order or prognosis. You can apply a filter according to supplier, article group or article type. The calculation of requirements provides an excellent overview of the inventory in your warehouse, placed orders or reserved articles. This will form the basis for purchase orders.


Once the requirements have been reviewed and simulated, purchase orders can easily be sent to different suppliers.

Intermediate products

The need for self-produced intermediate products will be displayed as a requirement. Intermediate products can be put into production with one simple click or ordered from sub-suppliers.

Press and hold the CTRL-button (on Windows) or CMD-button (on Mac) while clicking the PLUS-button (+) to enlarge text.