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Quotes and orders

The system has a feature that can calculate products on which to base a potential quote, and this can later be converted into an order. Orders can also be created instantly.

The quote and order feature allows you to create quotes, orders and invoices.


If you are offering a new product, it is fully possible to create an estimate in View Production before creating a quote.


The system has a solution for creating quotes and saving them as drafts. Draft quotes can easily be retrieved.


When a quote is accepted, you only need to change the status to convert the quote into an order. The system also allows you to start by creating an order directly in the system.

Warehouse/overview of inventory

We have built the option to have an unlimited number of warehouses. You can build a self-defined warehouse tree to obtain a good overview of the warehouses. Excellent reports are produced to provide you with an overview of the inventory you have in the warehouses. You can also send a counter list to an external warehouse for checking/status updates.


The system allows you to invoice orders, which we can transfer to your accounting system. We also have a solution for EHF invoices (electronic invoices for the public sector).

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