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Production planning

The solution has a graphical resource planner that provides an overview of the production plan. The plan can be displayed per project, resource or resource group.

With the electronic planner, the company can efficiently optimise access and capacity.

Overview of available raw materials

The plan provides an overview of the expected delivery date of raw materials. This makes it easier to plan and simulate the production plan.

A visual overview of capacity and resources or individuals

The plan provides a visual overview of the capacity of a resource or a resource group. It is also easy to see the resource situation of personnel.

Move operations from one resource to another

The plan has a drag-and-drop feature, which facilitates easy reallocation of an operation to another resource. The drag-and-drop feature enables easy simulation of the production plan.

Points of congestion

The production planner allows you to plan a production order based on the delivery date or the production plan will find a delivery date based on the start date. You can also plan according to the points of congestion. The plan provides an excellent overview of the location of bottlenecks in the plan. Here you can make a decision on how to solve the points of congestion and then create a new plan based on them.

Plan production orders based on qualifications

The solution allows you to define special competences for the use of resources/machines or special tasks to be performed. In the event that no one possesses the required competence, the operation will not be available to the individuals concerned. This provides an extra guarantee for the quality and tracking of tasks.

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