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Article structure

Use our features to build advanced article structures and to create good calculations.

An article structure is a detailed specification of the components that make up a product. The article structure can be split into unlimited levels, all of which contain components with operations.

Bill of materials

Bills of materials can be built up with an unlimited number of levels. They are quick and easy to enter manually or to retrieve from your construction/drawing system.


Build up your own resources, for example, machines or an operator. You can set an operation time, variable time and dormant time. We also give you the option to add operator hours onto the operation time and variable time.

Integration with drawing systems

We have created a standardised XML import feature from all drawing systems that can generate XML files. The integration can transfer bills of materials and raw materials from which the component will be produced. We handle new versions of bills of materials and material requirements.

Calculations/cost accounting

Since the system has been set up with resources with resource and operator costs, in addition to resource and operator prices, our solution allows you to create your own calculations. The creation of calculations is extremely flexible, even when reusing the calculations, so you can quickly calculate new products. Our shop floor solutions facilitates continual data capture, which will produce the correct calculations.

Article register

There are many options for grouping items. Our unit converter allows the processing of all types of units for one article.


The solution provides an excellent overview of all the documentation you require to link to the structure of an article. For example, certificates, test reports, drawings, etc. It also provides an overview of instructions for each operation. The solution allows you to create templates linked to the structure of articles.

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