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A market leader within the mechanical industry

View Pro-M is a special tool for the mechanical industry and surface treatment trade.

The tool has been optimised and adapted to the mechanical industry.

View Pro-M is used for planning, and the optimisation and documentation of important value-creation processes connected to: calculations, orders, purchasing/warehouse management (logistics), projects, production plans, consumption records (time/commodity), cost accounting, shipping and invoicing.

The tool has also been adapted for use at operator level with separate terminals, so it can be run entirely paperless, if desired.

Some advantages of View Pro-M

  • It is easy to create calculations to form the basis for time spent and materials consumed, which in turn form the basis for correct cost accounting.
  • Work and attendance timesheets ensure swifter updating of calculations and progression.
  • The tool can include all types of documents, such as drawings, images, e-mails and attachments for saving when necessary. For example, in connection with drawings/orders, etc., that are available for production.
  • Certificate management, charge numbers, part/serial numbers.
  • Handles revisions to drawings.
  • Easy status updates at all levels.
  • Excellent control over inventory to minimise capital tie-up.
  • Calculation of net/gross requirements.


Press and hold the CTRL-button (on Windows) or CMD-button (on Mac) while clicking the PLUS-button (+) to enlarge text.