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What is Maintenance

View Maintenance – when maintenance is central.

Maintenance is important and View Maintenance provides you with a good maintenance management system. The system is an investment that contributes to financial profits through high accessibility to equipment, excellent deliveries, high capacity, low strain on the environment and high security.

View Maintenance is a complete, intelligent and future-oriented information system that provides you with a full overview. With a good overview of maintenance, you can make better decisions that in turn contribute towards improved maintenance of machines and equipment. The maintenance system helps you take better care of machines and equipment, and contributes to strengthened competitiveness.

Furthermore, we provide seamless integration with Visma Global and Visma business, which combined provides you with an extremely robust and efficient solution for the company.

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What is sensor technology?

The use of sensor technology provides you with a system that measures the conditions in the space occupied by the users, regardless the technical design of the building, its SD system and ventilation systems.

With the help of a wireless system and open API, data can easily be exported and used in other systems and solutions.

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We are integration experts! Ask us for advice.

Over a period of many years, we have developed and adapted our integration module for compatibility with Visma Business and Visma Global This means that integration of our software with these ERP programs, will make your daily life easier and more efficient. Our robust integration enables base data and transactions to be seamlessly updated in both systems. Such integration functions seamlessly with our maintenance (eam) and production (mps) software.

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Stories from customers who have benefited from Maintenance

Examples of some customers who have implemented our maintenance system are found below. Got any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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