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Requirement messages

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View Facility Management allows you to have a dialogue with the users of your buildings.

Through requirement messages, users can report their own requirements or defects and faults they discover online. The requirements are recorded in the system and they can be processed manually or automatically to establish the necessary action to take.


Feedback and the status is available to the person who sent the requirement.

Key features

The requirement feature in View Facility Management is very easy to use. Some of the key features that make the feature very useful and user friendly are found below.


Users can report their own or observed requirements.

Improved overview

All enquiries are gathered in one place with a full overview of the status and progression of all action taken.


Requirement messages facilitate ongoing dialogue with the users of the building, and all reported requirements are followed up in a structured manner and documented in Facility Management.

Condition report

The condition App has been developed in accordance with Norwegian Standard: Condition Survey for Construction Works (NS 3424), Table of Building Elements (NS 3451) and the Norwegian Directorate of Construction and Property’s Interdisciplinary Labelling System (TFM).


Requirements, deviations and ad hoc tasks are continually recorded and followed up in the same system.

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