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Operations and maintenance

Enables you to adequately and efficiently handle planned operations, ad hoc operations, including deviation management.

Operations and maintenance provides you with the opportunity to plan condition-based maintenance with estimated costs per measure and also provides you with an overview of the required maintenance during the next few years, including budgets and resource planning.

Operations staff can obtain an overview and updated statuses when they are offsite on an assignment, both online and via their mobile telephone. It is a complete O&M management tool for building structures and space.

The use of sensor technology allows access to information regarding the condition of buildings in real time with objective measurements, e.g., indoor climate, wear and tear, in addition other environmental factors, such as radon. Sensor technology can also be used to measure energy and water consumption, pressure and air flow, and it allows centralised monitoring and the operation of distributed space, buildings and facilities.

Key features

One system

All space, tasks and resources are gathered in one system.


Planned and preventive maintenance is recorded and assigned resources, which provides you with a full overview of budgets and resource planning.


Requirements, deviations and ad hoc tasks are continually recorded and followed up in the same system.


Requirements, the condition of buildings, work lists and work orders are recorded and made available online or via a mobile phone.

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