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Maintenance object

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Maintenance object provides you with an immediate overview of the managed space.

The maintenance object feature provides you with an immediate overview of the space you manage – overall for the districts and areas, and a more detailed overview for each building with outdoor areas and floor plans for each storey of the building. The feature provides you with the information you need to utilise and best manage the space.

The space and associated information about operations and maintenance, cleaning, lease management and fire safety are available both online and on your mobile phone.

Maintenance object takes you into the future.

If you use building information models (BIM), you can integrate them with View Facility Management Space Management via Bimsync. Building elements and maintenance objects are identified as described via a shared structure through buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD). Information from BIM can be used for analyses and planning in View Facility Management.

Key features

The maintenance object feature makes space management easy. Some of the key features that make the management object very useful and user friendly are found below.

Easy access

The base data is collected for the whole system for easy access to all the information you need about the buildings.

Easier day

Access to floor plans online and through an App gives you an easier day.

Public information

The connection of properties with the land registry gives you updated public information about the property.

Professional drawings

Professional drawings for the technical systems in the building, e.g. electrical, fire safety, and the heating, ventilation and sanitary systems.

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