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Lease management

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An overview of all leased, contracted and sub-leased space.

Lease management provides you with a full overview of all leased, sub-leased and contracted space, in addition to information about ownership, lessees and agreement terms and conditions. Rents can be calculated based on space, turnover and shared costs, which can easily be distributed with one keystroke.

Prices are automatically regulated according to the Norwegian Statistics’ (SSB) consumer price index or self-defined setup. Lease management can function as a customer system for lessors or a supplier system for lessees.

Planned income from rentals and estimated costs are listed per building or per property and form the basis for easier budgeting.

Key features


All information regarding leases, sub-leases and contracted space is structured in one place.

Automatic price adjustments

Prices are automatically adjusted to facilitate the efficient flow of invoices and invoice checks.


Notifications are sent to the relevant people/groups before the lease starts or ends.


Leases are easily reported via standard reports and can be shown graphically on floor plans.

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