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View Facility Management provides you with a complete electronic fire safety book integrated with the other features of the solution.

Use existing information about the property, checklists and fire safety plans. Fill the book in with procedures, routines and other documentation.
With the fire safety feature, the entire organisation can access the fire safety plans gathered in View Facility Management. The layers of fire safety plans are thematically gathered and can be displayed in the digital fire safety book. In other words, what you see online is exactly the same as what the space administrator is working on in View Facility Management. Changes to a fire safety plan are immediately visible to all users.

Fire safety book included in the fire safety feature

View Facility Management allows fire safety managers and the rest of the organisation to access all documents, instructions and other relevant information that should be in the fire safety book via the same interface on the intranet. Specific information for each building can also be added.

Key features

The fire feature collects all fire documents for a better overview and simplified usage. Combined with the other features, View Facility Management is a complete tool for those who work with the management, operation and maintenance of buildings and property.

Gain control

View Facility Management ensures that deviations found during inspection rounds are specifically followed up.


Fire administration information - fire safety manager, fire sectioning, etc.

Response time

Response time of the fire service, insurance company, etc.

Digital fire safety binder

A digital fire safety binder with floor plans, documents, hyper-connections and presentation of relevant data from FM.


Organisation and completion of fire prevention training, including drills. In the event of fire, is provided by Programvarehuset AS.

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