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Our energy module provides you with an overview of the energy consumption of each building and the entire property portfolio. Over time, you can easily report the amount of energy consumed and implement efficient saving measures with the O&M management data.

Over time you can easily report the amount of energy consumed.

Our energy module automatically receives measurements from the electricity supplier and can also accept the recording of fossil energy sources. Energy consumption is documented per energy carrier and can be corrected according to the number of users, operation hours or outdoor temperature. Experiential data and relevant consumption data in one diagram allows you to benchmark property and plan future requirements.

Better control of energy consumption with sensor technology

Sensor technology enables you to obtain supplementary information, e.g., indoor climate status and usage of the building in real time. Such data is seen in connection with the consumed energy, slow thermal response in the building, planned requirements and experiential data, and can therefore be used to more precisely calculate future energy needs.

Key features

View Facility Management’s energy consumption feature helps you obtain an overview of the energy consumption quicker. Some of the key features that make the energy feature very useful and user friendly are found below.


Role-based overview of the energy consumption per energy carrier in the building.

Hourly values

Hourly values are automatically received from the electricity supplier.


Optimisation of energy consumption based on experiential data and requirements.


The correction of energy measurements according to position, temperature and operation hours to compare different buildings.

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