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View Facility Management provides you with an efficient tool for easily creating cleaning plans according to the NS INSTA 800 cleaning standard.

The idea is to make cleaning and planning easier with autofill features, and the creation of cleaning zones and teams simple with a drag-and-drop feature, in addition to direct editing in preview mode. This saves many clicks. Since the App sends continually updated data, the cleaning manager always has an overview of status and progression.

Easy to use app

When a cleaner logs on to the App in the morning, all the rooms that are to be cleaned by the team that day are marked on the drawing. By clicking on one of the rooms, the cleaner will obtain all information about the name and number of the room, the quality profile and tools that are to be used, as well as time available – task sign-off made easy. The App enables cleaners to continually see where the rest of the team is and which rooms still need cleaning. In addition, cleaners are often the organisation’s ‘eyes’ in the building, and they can report defects and faults directly in the App.

Become more efficient

Create work plans and retrieve work lists for each cleaner with a graphical overview of the zones. View Facility Management Costs Reports helps you to maintain control over cleaning costs.

User friendly

Efficient and user friendly tools for cleaning managers focused on work processes.


The cleaning manager will continually have an overview of all tasks, i.e.what needs to done and what remains to be done.

Experiential statistics

Information based on key performance figures and actual time spent provides the opportunity to learn.


A simple and visual work plan for cleaners using an iPad.

Press and hold the CTRL-button (on Windows) or CMD-button (on Mac) while clicking the PLUS-button (+) to enlarge text.