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Billing data

View Facility Management Finance gathers the entire billing data for action taken (hours and materials) and the lease.

The billing data module generates invoices automatically and they can either be quality assured prior to exporting or directly exported without approval. Billing data are made available as a file that can be imported to the finance system. Billing data in View Facility Management Finance can also be retrieved via our integration API.

Key features

View Facility Management’s billing data feature gathers all billing data. Some of the key features that make the billing data feature very useful and user friendly are found below.


All the billing data are gathered in one transparent module and can be grouped, for example, per lessee or per building.

Quality assurance

Billing data can be approved pending further processing.


Approved and sent billing data are structured separately and are easy to access.


Billing data is available via the integration API, so you can retrieve data for external financial applications.

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