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What is Facility Management?

View Facility Management – a complete O&M management system.

With a good overview, your decision-making will improve, which in turn will contribute towards the better management, operation and maintenance of buildings and property.
You acquire better control over costs and revenue, which gives in higher profits and stronger competitive ability. All this is acquired by maximum exploitation of space and optimal maintenance of the property portfolio.

Our solutions are largely committed to intelligent buildings with the help of sensor technology. In this way, we give buildings intelligence and a memory. We bring them to life, but the users give them a voice.
Our solutions and competence will make you more efficient, and you will gain control over your finances and obtain a good overview.

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What is sensor technology?

The use of sensor technology provides you with a system that measures the conditions in the space occupied by the users, regardless the technical design of the building, its SD system and ventilation systems.

With the help of a wireless system and open API, data can easily be exported and used in other systems and solutions.

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