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Who are View Software?

Providing your business overview

This is our mission and an important reason why 500 customers and 12,000 users use our tools. The main objective of our 44 employees is to provide you with a better overview!

View’s main task is to help customers obtain an overview of the company and each employee.

View Maintenance or View Facility Management provides customers with software that can easily retrieve information on assets, their condition and optimal future maintenance requirements. This means that each employee’s knowledge of different machines and buildings, is gathered in one proficient information system, eliminating the need for ‘those yellow sticky notes’.

Lessors and lessees are provided with an excellent system for reporting defects and faults. Fire protection documents are adequately taken care of, and the new energy module makes it easy to monitor energy classifications and various energy carriers in the buildings.
Each day our users control the raw materials they need, and plan and optimise manufacturing, create profitability calculations and produce important documents that will accompany the finished product.

30 years of O&M, and management and production control

Originating from the environment of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and the history of industry in Østfold and Notodden, the companies and people who now make up View, have built software to support and improve company management and maintenance routines. For more than 30 years, View has built software to optimise the manufacturing processes of customers that are now leaders in their fields. This has been a wonderful experience – one that we will take with us for the next 30 years.
People need buildings and buildings need people. Will this still apply in the future? Absolutely!

The replacement of yellow sticky notes and “in-head competence” with software that allows users of buildings to more easily submit reports and ‘manage the building’ will most likely be our job for many years to come. We use this more and more with that which is collectively known as IoT: sensor technology that in various ways measures the condition of buildings and technical equipment.

In cooperation with the Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property, NCE and IFE (Institute for Energy Technology), View is now working on solutions for the future within management, operations, maintenance and development (FDVU). With user notifications and sensor technology, buildings will come alive. We are researching new ways to visualise buildings and are continually seeing that our traditional O&M management tool and modules for Conditions, Cleaning and Energy, will play an important role in a busy digital day-to-day life.

Industry 4.0

In recent years, there has been a trend amongst manufacturing companies in Scandinavia to use back-sourcing, i.e. back to where the products are consumed, near the end user. Why? Because of increased automation, more robots and IT technology. A robot from the German company, KUKA, costs the same in Indonesia as in Norway. 3D printers are perfect for order-steered production and can therefore produce small series at competitive prices.

View Software can help you obtain a full overview. Let us!
View Software can help you obtain a full overview. Let us!

Welcome to View

providing your business overview

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